Google Hangouts/Meet

This page goes over the differences between Google Meet and Google Hangouts

This Google Support article goes over everything in greater detail and should be read by all staff.

Google Meet

Google Meet is for video/audio meetings. You can create a Google Meet, but students cannot.

You can create a Meet in several ways.

  1. Through - Here Is An Example
  2. Through when creating a calendar invite. - Here Is An Example
  3. Through on the left side by your folders. - Here Is An Example
  4. Through you can open your class settings. - Here Is An Example
    • For this to work, you must click the settings Gear on your classroom, scroll down to General, and turn on the Google Meet for your classroom. This is the easiest option because you can display it right at the top of your classroom as shown in the example.

Students cannot create their own Google Meets, but when you create a Google Meet you can share the link and phone joining info with students and they will be able to join and participate. For students the has no Create Meeting. - Example

Teachers Guide to Google Meet

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is also for video/audio meetings but includes basic chat as well. The major difference between Hangouts and Meet is that with Hangouts, that chat has no owner. This means if you were to start a video call with several students, any of them can remove you from the Hangout or control the meeting. Of course this is bad, so we have disabled the ability for students to join any video call through Hangouts. Any video meetings with students MUST be done via or Zoom.

If you try to do a video call with a student on Hangouts, they will get the below error message. Students can still use Hangouts to chat.