Google Drive / File Stream / File Sync

Google Drive VS File Stream (FS)

File Stream will be the new desktop app for Google drive as of 3/12/18

**NOTE** This will only impact users who are currently using the desktop version of Google Drive on their Mac or Windows Machine.

File Stream is replacing the Drive Desktop Application, not the Web version of Drive. The web version will not change. Drive is not disappearing from the application “waffle” on the upper right side of the chrome window.

Google recommends to uninstall Google drive application prior to installing File Stream to avoid confusion between the two applications. Uninstalling drive will remove your currently synced files from your computer, but not Google Drive on the web.

When File Stream is done installing, it will automatically sync up with Web version of Drive and add files automatically to your computer. This will complete the installation of File Stream.

How do I get started?

Visit the Drive Help Center to install Drive File Stream and get started or take a look at the help videos below.


Do I need to uninstall the old version of google drive I was using? Yes you should uninstall the old version to avoid confusion. You don't need to do anything except uninstall the application.