With web filtering, cyberbullying monitoring, and self-harm alerts, Securly provides districts the eyes and the ears they need to maintain safety at all times, across different schools, and different devices. Technology evolves rapidly, so schools need solutions that meet the dangers kids face today, right now.

Securly is a DNS based web filter that will allow a more granular control by grade level of the web content our devices are accessing. It will apply to any PPS device regardless of location. The only changes staff and students should see are the following:

  • Users not using chromebooks may be asked to authenticate with their PPS Google Account periodically so the system can properly identify what permissions they have. There is an example of this below. Usually you can just click on your PPS google account if it is already signed in, otherwise you may have to type in your email and password.

  • If you are having issues accessing a site, you may need to "trigger" the web filter to prompt you to login on some non-chrome devices like macbooks or windows laptops. You can do this by visiting a site you can expect to be blocked like https://www.addictinggames.com

  • All PPS devices must either have the Securly certificate installed as described below, or they must connect to the PPS Guest network instead which is filtered at the elementary school level.

If you are having trouble accessing normal websites, you are likely on the Guest Wifi network or not signed into Securly. You can visit the link below to be prompted to sign in. Use your PPS email and password to sign in or click your PPS account in the list if there is one available.

Link To Force Securly Sign In

You will periodically get this prompt on any device that is not a chromebook. Please use your full portlandschools.org email address to sign in if it pops up, so you can access sites properly.


Portland Public Schools is utilizing Securly as our webfilter. This requires all devices to have the Securly SSL certificate installed on their machine. You can get the latest certificate for your machine at http://www.securly.com/ssl.

IT staff will not help you with personal devices. If you are using a cellphone or personal device and wish to use the Portland Schools WiFi please install the certificate on your device using the link above, or use the PPS Guest Network which requires no login and no certificate, but is filtered at a more restrictive level.

If you need assistance installing a certificate on a PPS device or are having issues with the web filter, please locate/contact your school technician or enter a helpdesk ticket. List of School IT Techs. (You can also view the Manual Securly Installation directions)

If you need a website blocked or unblocked, per the usual steps, please enter a helpdesk ticket at https://helpdesk.portlandschools.org