Google Takeout

How to Export Data from Google Account

Do you have important files or emails saved in your Google account that you might need beyond graduation? 

If so, it’s imperative you follow the directions on this sheet before your last day of school!

1. On a computer, visit the link below and follow the prompts.

Only select the items you need. Selecting everything from every application will take exponentially longer to archive and download. For most students, you’ll only want to select items from within Google Drive; the default for Google Takeout is to backup everything within G Suite, so you’ll likely want to deselect all other applications.

If you only need certain folders from your Google Drive, it’s recommended to click “All Drive data included” and check off only the folders you wish to keep. Doing so will speed up the process.

Upon completion, access your school email ( on a non-school device (the process will not work if you download your archive on a school computer). On this personal/non-school device, download and save your items as needed. This should be done before your last day at PPS.