1. Login to Explore Learning using the credentials you have previously set up or using the email you received from them if it's your first time.

  2. Select 'Manage Students', then click on the class shown to find the option to add a class. Name the new class and add it.

  3. Click 'Add Students from School Roster', then search for each student individually, clicking the checkbox when you find each one. The checks will remain even after you search for more students. Click 'Add to Class' once you've checked all of your students.

  4. Your students should be on the list now. Click 'Assignments', then the checkbox to select all students. Click the blue 'Access' button, then 'Access Enabled'.

  5. You are now ready to add an assignment. Click 'Return Home', then 'Gizmos'. Find a Gizmo that you want the students to do, then click 'Add to Class'. That's all from your side.


  1. Go to Explore Learning and click 'Student Login'. You will need to enter your teacher's username, which is _______________ (teachers insert your username here).

  2. Select your class, then select your name. Enter your IC password. Click on your class again, if that option appears.

  3. Your teacher should have already told you which Gizmo to complete. Click the 'Launch' button on that one to get started.