Reach My Teach.webm

Ready for an easier way to communicate with students and families? This year we will be introducing a new program - ReachMyTeach ( for schools to use to communicate with students and families. Last year, many schools used the free version of Talking Points or Remind but this year they will have the opportunity to use ReachMyTeach (RMT) which is similar to those but does much more. RMT was created by our Deering High School teacher Jeff Borland and his student (Aidan Blum Levine). ReachMyTeach will come preloaded with student/family contact information, including language preferences so that school staff are able to communicate with students and families of one student or many (i.e. the whole class) via text messages, email or phone with automatic translation for text and email. Staff will now be able to make calls home from the program directly (no more searching IC for numbers), and this call will come from the school’s phone number (not the teacher’s cell phone). We are all hoping that this tool will make life easier for teachers and improve family engagement. We highly recommend using this tool instead of Talking Points because we will have support for RMT but not for Talking Points. More information and tutorials for RMT will be forthcoming.

To login to Reach My Teach go to the following link ( and sign in with your PPS Google credentials. The first time you login you will be able to follow a tutorial which can subsequently be found in the top right next to your user profile icon.