HelpDesk Ticket System

Our Help Desk system is an essential part of the IT Department. Any issues that are reported by staff via phone, email, and walk ups is logged in our ticket system. This enables us to have better tracking of district issues, and also provides a stable centralized platform for issue accountability. All staff at ALL LEVELS are expected to use the ticketing system before email and phone requests.

If you are new to the ticket system and need to enter a ticket you can view the tutorial below which will help you navigate reporting an issue. You can access the ticketing system at

Visit the Ticket System and you will be greeted with the page below.

You will have to select a Request Type. Once you do, there will be Instructions to define what that category is for. Please be sure to use the appropriate category so your request is routed properly. Fill out all of the information with as much detail as possible and any attachments/screenshots that would be helpful to solve your request.

To check the status of tickets you have already entered, or to update/cancel an existing ticket visit the History Tab.

Click on the ticket number for option to add a note or cancel. You can also respond to the ticket email with any updates/notes.

That's all there is to entering a ticket! We rely on tickets to keep things moving smoothly. Requests via email and phone are still entered as a ticket, so your request will generally not be any quicker using those methods.