Virtru Email Encryption for Gmail

Portland Schools takes the data regarding our staff and students very seriously. For staff that are frequently sending emails containing any staff or student personal information, we offer end to end email encryption that is added to your Google Mail account by invitation only. If you think this is something you need please enter a ticket at

Getting Started:

Now that your organization is using Virtru, the next step is to download and activate your email:

Once your email account is activated, it’s time to start sending encrypted messages.

Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the available access controls that can be applied to your encrypted emails

The Virtru Support Center will be a helpful place for you as you continue to use Virtru.

Training Videos

Description : Playlist of training videos for you and your team to utilize

Virtru Training Videos

Resources for end users you communicate with who do not have Virtru Installed:

So not everyone is lucky enough to have Virtru installed? Don’t worry! The below will help the end users you interact with get a better understanding of how Virtru works & how they can open/reply to messages:

How to read Virtru-secured emails without having Virtru

  • This page is intended to help end-users without the Virtru Browser Plugin open, read, and respond to encrypted emails.

Product Support for Your End Users

  • This is our full FAQ for reading messages in the Virtru Secure Reader.