Clever, iPads, Google Meet

Please note, there's no integration between Clever and Meet on iOS (iPad). The best way to proceed is to have kids sign in to the native Meet app on the iPad. The student will stay logged in unless they specifically logout on device. Suggestion: do this at school so a teacher can help them.

PK-2, Clever and iPads

Once students have begun their learning session and have scanned their Clever badge. When students are ready to get back to Clever, so students don't have to rescan their badge, they should go to Safari. This can be done in two ways.

Option 1. In the top left corner of screen, select Safari (see image 1 below).

Option 2. Double-press the home button fast then tap Safari (see image 2 below). This is a skill that students will likely have to practice to get the hang of it. When the kiddos double-press, they need to find the Safari symbol to get back to Clever.

Here is a slide deck of Common tech icon symbols for teaching students which contains a Safari symbol. You may want to print that or other icons in order to easily refer to them.

Image 1 Image 2

Image 2: Getting back to Safari
iPads: Getting back to Clever after initial badge scan
K-2 We Are...

This PK-2 PBIS visual poster was shared by Erin Thompson from OAES and created into an editable Google Slide by Michael Kennedy from PHS. Thank you both!

Details about slide: It is formatted for 20"X30" and will print large scale. Teachers can customize it to their class, like change colors and backgrounds to adapt building hues and colors as well as change size in Page Setup for printing.

Click here to view slide in My Drive, make a copy and edit.