Google Meet

This Google Support article goes over everything in greater detail and should be read by all staff.

Google Meet

Google Meet is for video/audio meetings. You can create a Google Meet, but students cannot.

You can create a Meet in several ways.

  1. Through - Here Is An Example

  2. Through when creating a calendar invite. - Here Is An Example

  3. Through on the left side by your folders. - Here Is An Example

  4. Through you can open your class settings. - Here Is An Example

    • For this to work, you must click the settings Gear on your classroom, scroll down to General, and turn on the Google Meet for your classroom. This is the easiest option because you can display it right at the top of your classroom as shown in the example.

The ability to use breakout rooms, polling and other new Google Meets features is available by request only. Please put in a Helpdesk Ticket to request this at

Students cannot create their own Google Meets, but when you create a Google Meet you can share the link and phone joining info with students and they will be able to join and participate. For students the has no Create Meeting. - Example

Google for Education Teacher Center

Teachers Guide to Google Meet

Engage with teachers, students and parents with the new Meet layout (PDF)

New Google Meet Layout Demo, May 2021

K-2 iPads, Meet, Clever

Please note, there's no integration between Clever and Meet on iOS (iPad). The best way to proceed is to have kids sign in to the native Meet app on the iPad. The student will stay logged in unless they specifically logout on device. Suggestion: do this at school so a teacher can help them.