Account Setup and Password Change

If you are new to Portland Schools, you will have received account information and a temporary password to get started.

It is necessary to change this temporary password and setup some security questions in case you forget your password in the future.

Visit to start this process.

Enter your username and if there are special characters on the bottom enter those as well and click Next.

Once you arrive at the next screen, Click the My Questions and Answer Profile link.

At this point you should enter the temporary password provided to you and then click next.

Fill out the 3 security questions and click next.

Once back at the HomePage, click the Manage My Passwords link.

Enter your temporary password one more time and click next.

Lastly, enter a new password twice and click next. Then you will be all done and you can close the tab/window.

Great job! Now your new password should work for Gmail and Infinite Campus.

If you have issues still please contact the Helpdesk at (207) 842-5399